The Hobart Indiana Lakefront Festival 2023

Taking place at Hobart’s Festival Park (on the North Side of Lake George,) the party is on until Sunday night (August 20th). Any reason to spend time in the park on the lake is a good reason, but throw in food vendors, a beer garden, and live music? Seems like you’ll need to come up with a good excuse if you’re going to miss it! Admission and parking are free too!

I caught Rade Dukleski at the festival and forced him to pose in front of the big LED sign. Not pictured: People I wasn’t able to force.

Bonfire (a Tribute to AC/DC) played Thursday’s opening night. Member Peyton Walter wasn’t holding back early in the set despite presumably knowing that they were going to play for over Two hours!

With sunset coming earlier at this time of year, Lights of Fun is stepping into their season as a festival vendor. From glow sticks to light up swords, they’re definitely filling the shopping needs of little kids who’ve been allowed to stay out after dark.

Sunandha from Royalty Catering was keeping the grill busy Thursday night. Let me tell you, that smoke smells as good as the chicken looks!

The tent with the BAM sign features a wide variety of tie-dyed wares, including Hobart and Hobart Sports themed apparel.

Volunteers from the The Humane Society of Hobart will be selling 50/50 raffle tickets this weekend. Take a gamble and help some mammals!

An impressive row of bounce houses lines the Northwest shore of Lake George for the Festival.

Bagpipes are typically associated with funerals around these parts, but Hobart City Councilman Craig Brooks had the crowd dancing and twirling playing them with Bonfire.

He’s the one in the kilt, by the way.

Doris Stringer of Dori’s Elephant Ears wasted no time letting me know that I was welcome to tag her on social media but she’s booked way into October (she doesn’t need the press). If you’re looking for an Elephant Ear vendor, better ask her about next year!

She’s been doing this for 41 years, by the way. I think it’s safe to say she’s got her elephant ear operation dialed in pretty tight!

The Hobart Lakefront Festival, (and Festival Park itself,) are both exciting additions to Lake George but it’s always been a great place to take kids to see ducks. Let’s face it, ducks provide a ton of free entertainment for kids, and they’ve probably been doing so since our days in caves. Daffy and Donald number two for a rabbit and a mouse, but realistically neither of those species will just let you bring a three-year-old within 10 feet of them to be simply watched and possibly fed.