Product Photography for Water Eyes Wonders

We had an interesting challenge when the Water Eyes Wonders company approached us about product photography for their proof of concept model.

A box with a transparent bottom, their product is meant to allow people to see into lakes, oceans, and pools without being submerged. The client needed a white-background photograph of the product that could be used in print materials and digitally with a quick turn around time.

It quickly became apparent that showing the box’s transparent bottom was important to the project, which would be challenging because the requested format (a basic white background) would rob the subject of context that could provide that information. Further, one does not want noticeable shadow for this kind of product photograph.

To address the issue, we captured the product from two angles.

The first showed the client’s logo clearly and the product without distortion. This was taken with a long lens. We specifically worked to get some reflection and shine from the product’s glass bottom.

Our second photograph was taken at a closer distance with a wide-angle lens. This provides a more dramatic picture of the product for use in places where a more dynamic photo would add impact and and branding would be well established in context (fliers, websites, etc.)

To assure that we had a good “reflection” in the final image, photos were taken at the exact same angles with different lighting before any moving of the cameras or product. This allowed for masked enhancement of the glass bottom in final photos showcasing the reflection.

Finally, in addition to the white backdrop photos above, we provided transparent cut-out files of the product photos that allow the client to use the image in other contexts as needed.

From utilitarian and simple treatments such as these that provide a fully professional presentation of your product to slick and complex depictions of your product in use, we know how to shoot objects for branding and presentation.

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